Prof Michael Smith (July-August)
McCosh Professor of Philosophy, Princeton University

Prof Michael Smith’s current research focuses on topics in ethics, moral psychology, philosophy of action, political philosophy, and philosophy of law. He is the author of The Moral Problem (1994) (which won the American Philosophical Association Book Prize), and Ethics and the A Priori: Selected Essays on Moral Psychology and Meta-Ethics (2004) (which was the subject of an off-beat review by Constantine Sandis). He is also the co-author of Mind, Morality and Explanation: Selected Collaborations (2004), a collection of papers written in various combinations by Smith and his two long-time colleagues, Frank Jackson and Philip Pettit (whose collaborative work inspired David Estlund to make a morphing gif of the three of them).

Prof Shaun Nichols (August)
Department of Philosophy, University of Arizona

Professor Shaun Nichols’ research focuses on the psychological underpinnings of ordinary thinking about philosophical issues. Recently, he has been applying this method to issues surrounding free will, the self, consciousness, and causation.

Prof Rachana Kamtekar (August)
Sage School of Philosophy, Cornell University

Rachana Kamtekar’s area of specialization is ancient philosophy with an emphasis on ancient moral and political philosophy, but she also works in moral psychology, contemporary as well as ancient. She received her Ph.D. at the University of Chicago, after which she taught first at Williams College and then at the University of Michigan before going to the University of Arizona. Most recently, in the Fall of 2017, Professor Kamtekar joined the Sage School of Philosophy at Cornell University.