Visitors to the Department, Semester 1

The Philosophy Department is pleased to welcome the following visitors in first semester this year.

Dr Ole Koksvik. Dr Koksvik will be visiting with the Department for the whole of first semester. He currently holds a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Bergen, and is working on projects in philosophy of mind, epistemology, and rational choice. Dr Koksvik will be giving the Departmental seminar on 7 March.

Dr Josh Skewes. Dr Skewes will visit the Cognition & Philosophy lab from January to April. He is working at the Interacting Minds Centre at Aarhus University, Denmark, and has a background in both philosophy and cognitive neuroscience. While at Monash, Dr Skewes will collaborate with Jakob Hohwy, Bryan Paton and Colin Palmer on experiments in social cognition and autism.

(Arrive Feb 2; depart April 1.)

Professor Yukihiro Nobuhara. Professor Nobuhara will visit the Cognition & Philosophy lab in March. He is director of the Centre for Philosophy at University of Tokyo. This is part of ongoing collaboration between Philosophers at the University of Tokyo and Monash University. March 12 there will be a joint workshop on philosophy of mind and moral psychology.

 (Arrive March 8; depart March 18.)

Professor Tim Bayne. Prof Bayne will visit the Cognition & Philosophy lab in February. He is professor of philosophy and University of Manchester. Bayne is collaborating with Jakob Hohwy on several projects related to philosophy of mind and the science of consciousness.

(Arrive Feb 2; depart Feb 11)

Dr Peter Fazekas. Dr Fazekas will visit the Cognition & Philosophy lab from May to August. He is a research fellow at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary, having completed his PhD at Edinburgh. Fazekas will collaborate with Jakob Hohwy on projects relating to predictive coding.

 (Arrive May 20; depart August 2.)