VCE Extension Program in Philosophy

The VCE extension program is offered by Monash to enable students in their last year at school to take a pair of university units as part of their VCE year. The units count both toward the ATAR score and toward an eventual degree. To gain entry to the program, students have to be established ‘A level’ achievers, and they must have the support of their school.

 Students in the Philosophy VCE extension program take two units:

ATS1371 Philosophy: Introduction A (Life, death, and morality)
ATS1835 Philosophy: Introduction B (Time, self, and mind)

These are normal university units, and to pass, you must reach the usual university standards. Both units use materials prepared for the Philosophy flexible learning program at Monash.

VCE Philosophy students are supported in a number of ways, with two key services offered:

  • All the on-line resources offered to Monash flexible learning students are available to VCE students, so they can seek assistance and support via phone, email and in person. Web-based discussion groups are also active throughout semester.
  • Regular one-day workshops are held, usually four per semester, at Monash Clayton on Saturdays.

Tutorials are conducted in any school where a viable enrolment is achieved. Monash staff will arrange to visit schools from time to time. Students can also take the units entirely in Distance Mode, and the units have been designed to facilitate this.

For more details about the Monash University Extension Program, see:

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