Research in History of Philosophy & Contemporary European Philosophy

The Monash Philosophy Graduate Program has research strengths in the following areas:

  1. Early Modern and Enlightenment Philosophy (Jacqueline Broad)
  2. Kantian and Post-Kantian German Philosophy, including Nietzsche (Alison Ross and Michael Ure)
  3. Recent European Philosophy, Critical Theory, and Biopolitics (Catherine Mills, Alison Ross, Michael Ure, Christopher Watkin)
  4. Aesthetics (Alison Ross)

We welcome inquiries from prospective postgraduate students who would like to work in these areas. Please contact the staff listed under your area of interest (above) to discuss potential projects.

1. Early Modern and Enlightenment Philosophy

Our researchers specialise in:

  • Early modern politics, ethics, and metaphysics (c. 1650-1750)
  • History of feminist/women’s thought (c. 1600-1800)
  • Enlightenment politics


2. Kantian and Post-Kantian Philosophy, including Nietzsche

Our researchers specialise in:

  • The history of Kantian philosophy and its nineteenth century reception
  • Kant’s Critique of Judgment
  • Post-Kantian German Philosophy, especially Nietzsche


3. Recent European Philosophy, Critical Theory, and Biopolitics

Our researchers specialise in:

  • Twentieth-century French philosophy and biopolitics (Foucault, Canguilhem, Agamben)
  • Twentieth-century German philosophy, including philosophical anthropology and Early Critical Theory (Blumenberg, Benjamin)
  • Theories of Equality and Political Disagreement (Rancière)
  • Recent French Philosophy and a/theism (Badiou, Serres, Nancy)


4.  Aesthetics

Our researchers specialise in:

  • Theories of the Image
  • Theories of Sensation and Sensuous Form
  • Concepts of Aesthetic Experience



Recent research grants

Women on liberty: from the early modern period to the enlightenment (1650-1800)

Broad, J. & Detlefsen, K.
Australian Research Council (ARC): AUD190,000.00

Improving decision-making processes in complex environments

Ross, A.
Australian Research Council (ARC): AUD543,379.00
Australian Research Council (ARC): AUD77,857.00
Australian Research Council (ARC): AUD38,531.00
Australian Research Council (ARC): AUD6,461.00

Mary Astell (1666-1731): An Historical-Intellectual Role Model for Women in Philosophy

Broad, J.
Australian Research Council (ARC): AUD486,400.00
Australian Research Council (ARC): AUD54,600.00

Persuasive Force: The Role of Aesthetic Experience in Moral Persuasion

Ross, A., Benjamin, A. & Ziarek, K.
Australian Research Council (ARC): AUD108,056.00
Australian Research Council (ARC): AUD65,944.00