Research in History of Philosophy & Contemporary European Philosophy

Monash Philosophy has research strengths in the following areas:

  • Early Modern and Enlightenment Philosophy
  • Kantian and Post-Kantian German Philosophy
  • Recent European Philosophy and Biopolitics
  • Aesthetics

We welcome inquiries from prospective postgraduate students who would like to work in these areas.

We will be updating this page in the coming weeks … stayed tuned.

In the meantime, for further information and contact details, please see staff webpages for: Jacqueline Broad (Early Modern & Enlightenment); John Thrasher (Enlightenment); Alison Ross (Kantian & Post-Kantian; Recent European; Aesthetics); Andrew Benjamin (Kantian & Post-Kantian; Recent European; Aesthetics); Catherine Mills (Recent European & Biopolitics); and Michael Ure (Recent European).