Project: Prospects for an Ethics of Self-Cultivation

 hi-res‘Prospects for an Ethics of Self-Cultivation’ is a two-year-long research project which will investigate the revival of ethical self-cultivation in modern European philosophy, particularly in the works of Nietzsche and Foucault. The project is organised by research students from the philosophy departments at Monash and the University of Warwick, UK and is funded by the Monash-Warwick Alliance. Each institution will host a three-day workshop and conference, as well as produce a collection of video resources on the topic of self-cultivation.

The first event, ‘Hellenistic Ethics from Nietzsche to Foucault,’ will be held at The University of Warwick, UK during 25-27 September, 2014. A call for abstracts and more information can be found on the conference webpage: Future news is available on the project’s Facebook page: