Philosophy Units for 2014

The Philosophy Department has recently finalised its intended unit offerings for 2014. Below is a list of all on-campus units. We offer the same list of off-campus units every semester.

Note that this list is not the official list. It may be superseded by later changes. So before making your enrollment choices, be sure to check the information contained in the university handook, available online here.

Semester 1, on campus units

1st year

  • ATS1371 Life, death, & morality (Toby Handfield)

2nd year

  • ATS2637 Human Body and International Marketplace (Ryan Tonkens)
  • ATS2833 Critical Thinking (David Kaplan)
  • ATS2640 The ethics of global conflict (Robert Simpson)
  • ATS2839 Ethics (Paul Silva)
  • ATS2861 God freedom and evil (Graham Oppy)
  • ATS2863 Descartes: Foundations of modern European philosophy (Andrew Benjamin)
  • ATS2866 Symbolic logic (Lloyd Humberstone)

3rd Year

  • ATS3419 Art and philosophy (Mark Kelly)
  • ATS3640 The ethics of global conflict (Robert Simpson)
  • ATS3876 Theory of knowledge (Lloyd Humberstone)
  • ATS3877 Philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre (Karen Green)
  • ATS3884 Hume and Leibniz (Karen Green)
  • ATS3270 Islamic Philosophy: From medieval to modern (Salih Yucel)

Semester 2, on campus units

1st year

  • ATS1835 Time, self & mind (David Kaplan)

2nd year

  • ATS2840 Philosophy of mind (David Kaplan)
  • ATS2860 After the death of God (Mark Kelly)
  • ATS2865 Language, Truth and Power (Karen Green)
  • ATS2872 Topics in Indian Philosophy (Monima Chadha)
  • ATS2875 The Moral Psychology of Evil (Justin Oakley)
  • ATS2869 Political Philosophy (Toby Handfield)

3rd year

  • ATS3639 Poverty Ecology, International Justice (Linda Barclay)
  • ATS3860 After the death of God (Mark Kelly)
  • ATS3869 Political Philosophy (Toby Handfield)
  • ATS3872 Topics in Indian Philosophy (Monima Chadha)
  • ATS3881 Philosophy of mind (David Kaplan)
  • ATS3882 Metaphysics (Graham Oppy)
  • ATS3883 Issues in logical theory (Lloyd Humberstone)

Note: in addition to these units, there are a few units owned by other parts of the Faculty that can be counted towards the Philosophy major, such as ATS2692 (Progress and despair) and ATS3690 (Reflections on humanity). You will need to check the handbook closer to the re-enrolment period to see if they will be offered in 2014.