Research in Philosophy of Mind and Cognition

Monash Philosophy Department houses an interesting mix of leading philosophers of mind and cognitive science who conduct interdisciplinary and cross-cultural research in the areas of philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience. We are a unique Philosophy department in Australia that has an active Philosophy and Cognition Lab with Faculty post-docs, doctoral students led by Jakob Hohwy. Particular areas of focus are: Nature of consciousness, Predictive Processing, Dreaming, Mind Wandering, Disorders of Self, and No-self Theories.

Research areas and supervisors

Prof Tim Bayne
Philosophy of Mind, Cognitive Science

Dr Monima Chadha
Philosophy of language, epistemology, philosophy of mind, Indian philosophy, Buddhist Philosophy

Prof Jakob Hohwy
Philosophy of mind, cognitive science

Jennifer Windt
Philosophy of mind, cognitive science

Recent research grants

Consciousness in the predictive mind

Hohwy, J., Blankenburg, F., Kouider, S. & Seth, A.
Australian Research Council (ARC): AUD373,000.00

Wandering Minds in Sleep and Wakefulness: Attention, Consciousness, Self

Windt, J.
Australian Research Council (ARC): AUD293,124.00
Australian Research Council (ARC): AUD70,521.00

Measuring the Mind: A Framework for Building a Consciousness Meter

Bayne, T.
Australian Research Council (ARC): AUD827,552.00
Australian Research Council (ARC): AUD61,403.00

When should we stop trusting the senses? Perceptual decision making under ambiguity

Hohwy, J., Enticott, P. & Frith, U.
Australian Research Council (ARC)

The human mind in prediction: conceptual, experimental and practical implications of the theory that the brain is a hypothesis-tester

Hohwy, J.
Australian Research Council (ARC): AUD506,552.00
Australian Research Council (ARC): AUD194,092.00