Philosophy in Summer Semester

Be sure to visit the Arts Faculty’s Summer Semester pages.

For summer semester, you can enrol after September 1st.

Note that it is not possible to enrol in Summer units via WES.

Your home faculty may ask you to have an Enrolment Amendment Form approved by the School of Philosophical, Historical and International Studies. If so, please call in to Room W604A in Building 11 (Menzies).

Summer semester officially starts in early November.  Once you have the study materials for your unit, you are up and running and ready to make a start with your studies.

Summer semester ends with exams scheduled for early February.

Please note that the University will close for the Christmas/New Year break in the last week before Christmas and will re-open early January. You will be unable to contact University staff during this period.

Philosophy units offered in off campus mode do not have timetabled contact hours. Introductory workshops (optional) may be held early in semester (whether Semester 1, 2 or Summer) and you’re encouraged to attend. Additional workshops may be held if there is sufficient interest.

Please note that we will be here all through Summer semester (excluding the Christmas closure) and you’re most welcome to phone, email or call in with any queries.

If you have any queries, feel free to contact us or call in and see us … Carole and Monima will be happy to help.

Flexible Learning Program
Philosophy Department
Ph: (03) 9905 3222
Fax: (03) 9905 3221
Flexible Learning Program
Philosophy Department
Room W604A
Building 11 (Menzies)
Monash University VIC 3800

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