New lecturers in Philosophy

The Department is very pleased to welcome four new lecturers who will commence in July.

David M. Kaplan (PhD Duke, 2007) specialises in philosophy of neuroscience and comes to us from a recently completed postdoctoral fellowship at the Washington University in St Louis.

Mark Kelly (PhD Sydney, 2007) works primarily on the philosophy of Michel Foucault, and has taught at the University of Western Sydney and Middlesex University.

Bob Simpson (DPhil Oxford, 2013) is a political and legal philosopher with a special interest in hate speech and offense.

Paul Silva (PhD Connecticut, 2013) works primarily in epistemology but also has interests in metaphysics and ethics.

David and Paul will together be teaching Intro Philosophy B (Time, Self, and Mind) in second semester 2013. David will also teach Philosophy of Mind, and Paul will also take an honours seminar in epistemology. Bob will be teaching Human Rights Theory 2, as well as contributing a few lectures to Language, Truth, and Power. And Mark will be teaching After the Death of God: Continental Philosophy of Religion as well as an honours seminar on Foucault.