Philosophy Flex Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the cut-off date for enrolments?
A: No applications are accepted after two weeks when unit has commenced.

Q: How do I enrol for a unit?
A: For normal semester you can enrol via WES. For summer semester, if you are not an Arts student, you will need permission from your Faculty and enrol manually. See link

Q: Why can’t I enrol through WES?
A: Summer semester units will need to be enrolled manually.

Q: How do I enrol manually?
A: See link on how to enrol manually

Q: I cannot see the timetable of lectures and tutorials.
A: Flexible learning is taught online therefore there will be no scheduled lectures and tutorials. Lectures are available on the Moodle unit sites.

Q: Can I enrol as a Flexible student and still attend lectures and tutorials?
A: No. If you want to attend lectures and tutorials and have face to face contact then you will need to enrol as a Day student.

Q: I have not done any Philosophy units before, do I need permission to enrol into a unit?
A: Some units have prerequisities, but most do not. The prerequisites are in the handbook. A student would only need special permission if they want to enrol in a unit they did not have a prerequisite for. They can ask the unit coordinator or flex coordinator for a ‘prerequisite waiver’. That might be approved if they had done closely related units or units at a different University. To ask, they just need to contact the unit/flex coordinator.

Summer Semester

Q: How do I enrol in Summer Semester units?
A: See link

Unit Materials

Q: Do I have to purchase any unit readers.
A: No. Unit readers will be sent out after enrolment has been confirmed. You will need to have an updated postal address as delays will occur if sent to an incorrect or old address. Some units do not have a printed unit reader and will be available for download on the Moodle site.

Q: Can I pick up my unit reader?
A: Yes. Please contact the Philosophy Flexible Learning office and arrange for a time and day to pick up your unit reader.

Q: Do I have to purchase textbooks?
A: Some units do require you to purchase a textbook. Students should check the unit guide to make sure if they need to purchase one.

Q: I have not received my unit reader via post.
A: Please make sure your postal address is updated via WES


Q: Where do I find the due dates of my assessments?
A: All assessment due dates can be found on the Moodle site in the Assessment tab and in the Unit Guide.

Q: I submitted my work via email, will I get a notification that work has been received?
A: No. We will only contact you if you have not submitted work.

Q: If I submit my work late, what are the penalties?
A: You will lose 5 marks per day.

Q: I have not achieved my nominated target grade, can I resubmit?
A: Yes, only if you have submitted your work by the due date. This includes approved extensions. Work submitted after the due date will not be able to resubmit to reach nominated target grade.

Q: If I resubmit and get a lower mark, which mark will be calculated?
A: You will receive the highest mark of both attempts.

Q: Why do I have to submit work in a Word document?
A: This is the most preferred file as markers use track changes to make comments to the assessments.

Q: Why do I have to submit my work as an email attachment and not shared via Google docs?
A: We need to verify your work is yours therefore all work and communication must be done via a monash account.

Q: Why can’t I see my comments from the markers?
A: You might need to turn on track changes in Word to view the comments. Track changes are found in the Review tab in the word document.

Q: Can I change the due dates of my assessments?
A: Yes. You will need to contact the Philosophy Flexible office before start of semester to arrange alternative due dates.

Q: If I have a question or query about the assignment who do I contact?
A: You can email your queries to the Flexible learning email
It will be passed onto the correct marker who will get in touch with you via email.

Q: Can I speak to a marker face to face if I have any queries regarding my assessments?
A: Yes. You can arrange for a meeting and organise a time and day to meet on campus.

Q: Why can I only nominate a D and not HD as an achieved target grade?
A: The resubmission option is for students to get the opportunity to better understand the unit. When a student has already achieved a distinction it means they have a clear comprehension of the unit. Further resubmission to achieve a high distinction will mean a heavier workload for markers and due to the timeframe of the semester this is not possible if students are to get their work back on time.


Q: When can I ask for an extension?
A: Extensions are granted if asked 24-48 hours before due date. Extension requests must be made in writing to the Philosophy Flexible office prior to the due date. The Flexible office may only grant an extension of up to two calendar days. All request should be sent to

Q: What if I require more than 2 days extension?
A: You will need to apply for Special Consideration. See Special Consideration below.

Q: Can I request an extension after the due date?
A: No. Late penalties will apply to work submitted after due date. Alternatively, you can apply for Special Consideration within two days after the due date.

Special Consideration

Q: How do I apply for special consideration?
A: See link

Q: Do I need to provide documentation for special consideration?
A: Yes. The Arts Faculty requires documentation to process Special Consideration forms.

Q: I have applied for Special Consideration but have had no response. Who do I contact?
A: You will need to contact Alternatively you can also contact Arts Student Services Desk on 1800 666 274 or level 2, south wing, Menzies Building, 20 Chancellors Walk, Clayton Campus.

Q: I have applied for Special Consideration but still received late penalties on my assessments?
A: Late penalties will be applied until we receive official confirmation of Special Consideration from the Arts Faculty.


Q: When I look at my timetable, I see the venue but no seat number. Where will I sit?
A: Off campus students seat numbers are only allocated a few days before the exam.
(This will be for Centrally run exams only.) At your exam venue, follow the signs for OCL/Flex/DE students. You’ll be directed to a room or area different from that for on-campus students and staff will direct you to where you should sit.

Q: I’ve not changed my address on Callista and Exams have organised my exam where I used to live. What should I do?
A: Firstly, update your details in WES/Callista. Next contact Exams. For more information:

Q: If I have not completed all assessments am I still eligible to sit an exam?
A: Yes you are still eligible but you will still not pass the unit. All assessments must be completed in a unit.

Q: I will be in a different country during the exam period. How do I sit for my exam?
A: Most units have exams that need to be attended. Normal semester and summer semester exams are run differently. Please contact the Philosophy Flexible Learning Unit at for further information.