Flexible Learning mode units

The following units are offered in Flexible Learning/OCL mode in Semesters 1 and 2 as well as over summer.

ATS1371 Life, death and morality (Introduction to Philosophy A)

ATS1835 Time, self and mind (Introduction to Philosophy B)

ATS2839 Ethics

ATS2840 / ATS3881 Philosophy of Mind

ATS2861 God, Freedom and Evil

ATS2867 Thinking about Science

ATS2872 / ATS3872 Topics in Indian Philosophy

ATS2946 Critical thinking: How to analyse arguments and improve your reasoning skills

ATS3870 Philosophy of Religion

ATS3884 Space, time and deity: Themes from Hume and Leibniz

ATS3885 Stoic and Epicurean Philosophy

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Flexible Learning Program
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