Dr Monima Chadha awarded the 2016 Annette Baier Prize

Dr Monima Chadha
Dr Monima Chadha

Monash philosopher Dr Monima Chadha has been awarded the 2016 Annette Baier Prize by the Australasian Association of Philosophy. This prize recognises an outstanding contribution by an Australasian woman philosopher.

Monima’s article, “Time-Series of Ephemeral Impressions: The Abhidharma-Buddhist View of Conscious Experience,” Phenomenology and Cognitive Sciences: 14 (3), pp. 543–560, received the following citation:

This paper defends the Buddhist Abhidharma theory of experience from phenomenological and metaphysical challenges due to the doctrine of momentariness, the view that ‘seemingly rich conscious experiences are made fully available in a moment’. (544) It is a very thorough paper, responding to recent criticisms by Dan Zahavi and others, and elegantly weaving together history of philosophy in the Buddhist tradition, contemporary analytic philosophy, empirical neuroscience and the phenomenology of Husserl to craft an intricate united view. The piece is incredibly rich, and correspondingly complex, due to the worlds of knowledge navigated. It carefully treads the line between textual fidelity to particular traditions and conceptual engagement across traditions. The committee judged the paper to be of a high standard of scholarship, clarity, and overall merit, and found that one could keep reading this piece and finding more insights in it.

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