Welcome to the Philosophy Department

Mathematicians, economists, students of medicine, students of politics, students of physics, theologians, linguists, critics of literature and the arts – all these and more will encounter philosophical problems.

This is because philosophy characteristically raises questions about the basic assumptions of every form of human inquiry, having amongst its branches the philosophy of science, of religion, of psychology, of history, of law, of economics, and so on.

Those who want to be able to understand these problems when they face them, and ultimately get answers to them, will require at least a basic training in philosophy.


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  • Associate Professor Toby Handfield (Philosophy) has won an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship (FT180100067, $1,039,125) for a project on “The Evolution and Economics of Sacred Value”. Assoc. Prof. Handfield's project aims to use a multi-disciplinary approach to investigate sacred value, a type of extreme moral commitment held by an individual or group. Conflict and violence often… Read more

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