‘Negotiating a space for the Contemporary in Indian Performing Arts’ – Nithya Nagarajan

This research investigates the contemporary relevance of classical dance movement vocabulary and choreographic techniques in an Indian context, with a special focus on artists who have been intensely trained in Bharatanatyam. The output will be in the form of a public performance and a critical commentary. The written component of this PhD will provide a narrative of the performance making process and situate my practice within a broader cultural framework. Both seek to answer the following question: How can the Bharatanatyam vocabulary be used alongside influences from other movement systems along with words, images, and modern technology to create works of contemporary relevance?

Name of Researcher Nithya Nagarajan
Name of Project Negotiating a space for the Contemporary in Indian Performing Arts
Year of Project Current/Ongoing
Name of Supervisor/s (if applicable) Dr. Will Peterson
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