‘The Beowulf Project’ – Felix Nobis

Performed by Felix NobisThis project represents ongoing research in the adaptation and presentation of the Anglo-Saxon text Beowulf for contemporary audiences. The research spans 10 years and has extended over 3 continents.  The 2004 performance represents the first performance of this translation in Australia.  The ongoing performances of this translation facilitate a dialogue between past performances and the present, reflecting and informing the relationship between the text and its historic context.      


The performance provides a contribution to an ongoing process of data collection, providing a foundation for ongoing research; my own and informing  other research.  To my knowledge this research represents the most substantial study on the effects of time and place on storytelling performance. 

Excerpts from the text

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Sound Files

‘Beowulf’ on ABC Radio National (Poetica) Excerpt

‘Beowulf’ ABC RadioNational (Poetica) Interview Excerpt