Evaluations of Peer Instruction


Critical Thinking

PHL1030: Thinking: Analysing Arguments, 2006

PHL1030/2030: Thinking: Analysing Arguments, 2007


PHL1010: Life, Death and Morality, Monash University, 2007

Philosophy of religion

PHL1010: God, Freedom and Evil, Monash University, 2007

Formal logic

161-115: Logic, University of Melbourne, 2007

Ancient philosophy

PHL2130: Plato and Platonism. Monash University, 2007.

Other humanities disciplines

Geography and environmental science

GES1070: Extremes: Natural hazards and human vulnerability. Monash University, 2007

Classics, Politics, History and Geography

Report on the applicability of Peer Instruction in four humanities disciplines: Classics, Politics, History and Geography.