Alan Petersen

This project is led by Alan Petersen, Monash University Professor of Sociology, who will draw on his expertise in the sociology of health and medicine, and his extensive knowledge of health technologies to oversee the project. Alan will take major responsibility for the data analysis, forging links with stakeholder groups, and developing the policy implications from this project. Alan will also conduct some of the interviews and will supervise and work closely with the research fellow on the project.

Alison Anderson

Professor Alison Anderson is Professor of Sociology in the School of Law, Criminology and Government at Plymouth University, UK. She is also an Adjunct Professor in the School of Social Sciences at Monash University. Alison’s research expertise is in the area of science communication including digital media and culture, risk, nanotechnologies, marine pollution and environmental sustainability. She also brings knowledge of UK and European developments in media use to the project.

Tim Caulfield Timothy Caulfield is a Professor in the Faculty of Law and the School of Public Health at the University of Alberta, Canada. His research interests include the ethical, legal and health policy issues associated with stem cell research, genetics, patient safety, the prevention of chronic disease, obesity policy, the commercialisation of research, complementary and alternative medicine and access to health care; he is one of few scholars with expertise in both media studies and health law. With strong links in the Australian health law community, the project will draw on his knowledge of Canadian and US developments in media use.
Allegra Schermuly Dr Allegra Schermuly is a Research Fellow in the School of Social Sciences, Monash University. Before joining Monash, Allegra worked as a perioperative nurse in Australia and the UK. She completed her PhD at Monash University in 2018 in the area of police/community relations. Allegra’s research interests include the challenge for public institutions, such as healthcare and law enforcement, to remain fit for purpose in multicultural societies and the social inequalities that persist in areas such as health despite advances in new technologies. Allegra coordinates the day-to-day activities of the project, including collecting and analysing media and interview data. She will also assist with disseminating the findings and translating them into practical strategies for policy and healthcare provision.