June 2018

European Society of Health and Medical Sociology (ESHMS) 17th Biennial Conference 2018, June 6-8 Lisbon, Portugal.

​Under the theme ‘Old tensions, emerging paradoxes in health: rights, knowledge, and trust’, this congress aims to offer a forum for new insights into the tensions and paradoxes health systems are currently facing as a result of broad social and political transformations. These include climate change, migrations, economic crises, citizens’ quest for inclusiveness and freely deciding on their own lives, distrust of professional self-regulated work models and decisions, struggle for recognition and legitimacy by different professional groups, or the growing role of the market in the provision of care and funding of scientific research. Despite the progress of academic research in addressing these issues, the exposure of healthcare to the market, to politics, as well as to countervailing forces, rationalities and interests makes the renewal of this debate both timely and necessary.

International roundtable workshop, 11-12 June: Making Biofutures: Anticipating the futures of biomedicine, healthcare, and life itself’, Monash Prato Centre, Prato, Italy.

This  event will provide an opportunity for leading scholars in the
fields of STS, sociology, anthropology and bioethics to explore how human health and the production of human life are being transformed and address related
socio-ethical and public policy questions. The workshop will provide the
opportunity to reflect on the biofutures that are likely to materialise, to anticipate
the potential tensions and opportunities within these futures.

International roundtable workshop, 13-15 June: ‘Testing for life? The sociology of diagnosis and screening’Monash Prato Centre, Prato, Italy.



Citizens’ use of digital media to connect with healthcare: exploring the socio-ethical and regulatory implications

Interdisciplinary three-day workshop exploring the diverse socio-ethical and regulatory implications of citizens’ growing use of digital media. Convened by Professor Alan Petersen, and with participation from range of scholars including Professor Andrea Whittaker and Associate Professor Mark Davis.

Brocher Foundation, Hermance, Switzerland, 22­­–24 June 2017