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Nexus is a network of scholars across Monash University and beyond working in the social sciences, humanities and medicine. Through meetings, events and digital networking, Nexus builds a lively intellectual community for theory-oriented inquiry into health, illness and biomedicine.


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News and Events

  • Dr Felicity Callard is giving a presentation entitled Daydreaming across the disciplines: 20th and 21st century experiments with mind-wandering, daydreaming and fantasy. She is Director of Hubbub (the Hub at Wellcome Collection) and Reader in Social Science for Medical Humanities at Durham University. Date: Monday 30th May, 2016 Time: 11:30am – 1:00pm Location: Room E457, 20 Chancellors Walk (Menzies Building) Monash, Clayton campus Abstract: In the first part of this talk ... Read more
  • Associate Professor Catherine Mills will be giving a presentation entitled Seeing, feeling, doing: a critique of mandatory ultrasound laws. She is an ARC Future Fellow in the Centre for Human Bioethics in the School of Philosophical, Historical & International Studies. Date: Friday 27th May, 10am – 12pm Location: Menzies (Building 20), Room N402, Clayton Abstract: In recent years, a number of US states ... Read more
  • Evie Kendal will be giving a presentation entitled The use of popular culture in medical and health education, which forms part of a Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Science Learning and Teaching Research Grant. Abstract: Why students opt to pursue medicine as a career has been the subject of much scholarly debate. Historically, theorists like ... Read more
  • Dr. Claire Spivakovsky is giving a presentation.  Abstract:  In the wake of deinstitutionalisation, a range of punitive, restrictive and coercive measures for controlling the lives of people with intellectual disabilities have emerged from civil law. This paper draws attention to one such civil measure, the Supervised Treatment Order (STO) regime in the Australian state of Victoria. Drawing on ... Read more
  • Dr Christiane Weller will be giving a presentation. ABSTRACT: The paper will explore the relationship between imagination as a universal faculty of the mind and concrete material images. The universal assumption that the mind needs imagination to memorise or create absent objects—and thereby a functioning representation of ‘reality’—is to be tested from the perspective of concrete ... Read more
  • Dr Paula Michaels will be giving a presentation. Abstract:  In the 1970s “natural childbirth” was in vogue in the United States. In the country with the most medicalized maternity care in the world, mothers fought for a more woman-centered approach to childbearing. The name of French obstetrician Fernand Lamaze was synonymous with this new way of giving ... Read more
  • Dr Narelle Warren will be giving a presentation. Abstract: Caring for a family member or friend with serious health conditions, including Parkinson’s disease, has become increasingly common in the past few decades. This is due – at least in part – to strong preferences by health providers, advocacy groups, and community members away from institutionalised residential care. ... Read more
  • Associate Professor Robert Sparrow will be giving a presentation. ABSTRACT: The idea that a world in which everyone was born “perfect” would be a world in which something valuable was missing often comes up in debates about the ethics of technologies of prenatal testing and Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD). This thought plays an important role in the ... Read more
  • Tony Barnett and Kate Seear are each giving a presentation. Bio: Tony Barnett, PhD candidate Having completed his Honours project entitled “The Clinical Impact of the Brain Disease Model of Alcohol and Drug Addiction: Exploring the Attitudes of Community-Based AOD Clinicians in Australia” in 2014, Tony recently commenced his PhD in Psychology at Monash under the supervision of ... Read more
  • NEXUS is meeting again on Friday 29th May from 10am – 12pm in Menzies Building, Room N402. Associate Professor Robert Sparrow will be giving a presentation entitled “Ethics, eugenics, and diversity.” ABSTRACT: The idea that a world in which everyone was born “perfect” would be a world in which something valuable was missing often comes up in ... Read more
  • Professor Lars-Christer Hyden from Linkoping University, Sweden will be visiting Monash in late April 2015. He is collaborating with Renata Kokanovic’s Health in Society Research Network (HiSNet). Professor Hydén is the Director of the Center for Dementia Research (CEDER) at Linköping University. His research primarily concerns the use of language and narrative, especially in the area ... Read more
  • The first meeting of NEXUS members for 2015 will be held on Friday 27th March, 10am – 12pm in the Menzies Building, room N402, at Clayton. There will be a brief discussion about NEXUS and upcoming events throughout the year. The Reading Group Co-Convenor, Axel Fliethmann will be giving a short presentation entitled Media philology ... Read more