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A sociological study of patients’ use of digital media

How do different patients use digital media in a bid to influence clinical research? And how is this digital media use shaped by sociocultural factors? Funded by an Australian Research Council Discovery grant, Monash has partnered with Alberta University in a majors sociological project to determine how Australian patients from different condition-specific communities use digital media to influence research agendas on novel treatments and their development and availability.

Apply now: Hong Kong field school

The exciting new unit, Global Journalism: Hong Kong field school, enables students to travel to the Asian media capital to explore why this world city is the big draw for news companies from around the globe.

What leading editors look for in student journalists

Colleen Murrell, a senior lecturer in the journalism department at Monash University, spent part of January and February this year interviewing media editors in Sydney, London and Paris about the coverage of terrorism. At the end of her hour-long audio interviews, she filmed some short answers to questions such as – ‘what skills or characteristics do you look for in student journalists?’ Check out these responses from editors at publications such as The Times, the ABC, Le Monde, and The Huffington Post.