AUSTRALIA’S ASIA From Yellow Peril to Asian Century Edited by David Walker and Agnieszka Sobocinska

Calls for Australia to become ‘Asia-literate’ are not new — they are as Australian as Vegemite, only older. Indeed, claims from politicians and authors that we are in new territory with the rise of Asia have been a feature of Australian public life for 150 years. In this original, compelling and often surprising account of Australia’s multiple responses to Asia, the authors argue that Asia has long been at or near the centre of Australian thinking.

Proximity to Asia has appeared in extremes: both as a lurking threat, and an offering of new opportunities for trade, travel and cultural exchange.Australia’s Asia corrects the balance of history, reminding us that whether it is a fear of immigrants, a fascination with the exotic, or anything in between, Australia has had a long and deeply complex relationship with Asia.

The Asian Century White Paper has just been released — this book fits right into the debate. Engages with highly relevant topics including the rise of China, Australians in Bali, the ‘boat people’ debate, and teaching Asian history in Australian schools. 40th anniversary of Australia-China diplomatic relations on 21 December 2012.

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