ATS2386/3386 Broken earth: travel the country: understand the land

How has the landscape shaped the definition of what it means to be Australian?

Why was ‘the Bush’ seen as a place of the weird or the monstrous?

Have non Indigenous Australians learned from Aboriginal relationships with the natural environment and (in an age of catastrophic climate change) what challenges do we now face in living with the land?

This unit considers the climatic, cultural and economic forces which have shaped the landscape, exploring the dynamic interaction between Australians and their environment. Draws on a range of disciplines, including tourism, literature, geography, politics, journalism and cultural studies; includes excursions along the Great Ocean Road or the Murray River.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Can you take an Australian Studies unit as one of your Arts electives regardless of your discipline? YES!
  • Can taking an Australian Studies unit be counted towards a major in history, Politics, International Studies and a host of other disciplines? YES!