ATS2385/3385 Anzac legends: Australians at War

Why is war central to the shaping of Australian identity?

How has it defined our place in the region and the world?

This unit explores the experience of Australians at war, from the colonial period to the Landing at Gallipoli and through the major conflicts of the twentieth century. It focuses on the ‘face of battle’ and how human conflict affected men and women on the front line. ‘Anzac Legends’ will examine the role of war in both consolidating and challenging definitions of gender, national and racial identity. It will explore the changing representation of war memory in film and literature and includes excursions to the Australian War Memorial in Canberra and Melbourne’s Shrine.

For further information go to the handbook entry for ATS2385 and ATS3385.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can you take an Australian Studies unit as one of your Arts electives regardless of your discipline? YES!
  • Can an Australian Studies unit be counted towards a major in history, Politics, International Studies and a host of other disciplines? YES!