World Music Orchestra

W Music

The Monash University World Music Orchestra is creating a culturally integrated, musically sophisticated and artistically evolved Australian musical experience.

 The Monash World Music Orchestra is a representation of modern multicultural music in Australia.  Playing traditional and modern music from around the world this 20-piece ensemble has created its own style by mixing a variety of musical traditions with modern instrumentation and young creative players.  World music could be perceived as the face of modern music in Australia especially given the extent and importance of multiculturalism in this country. This group of skilled musicians reflects and promotes Melbourne’s cultural diversity.

The Monash World Music Orchestra includes percussion, string, and various reed and brass instruments from around the world and has performed with International artists such as classical Indian guitarist Debasis Chakroborty. The ensemble has performed at The Melbourne International Jazz festival since 2006 and play regularly Bennetts Lane Jazz Club.

The Monash World Music Orchestra was founded by Rob Burke in 2002 and is currently directed by Sam Evans, an Australian tabla player, who has studied and researched extensively with the very best in India (10 years) teaches Indian Music and directs the World Music Orchestra at Monash University.