Vince Jones and Monash release new CD at Stonnington Jazz Festival

Vince CDThe latest collaborative Monash Sessions album was launched at the Stonnington Jazz Festival in late May

The new album sees leading Australian jazz vocalist, Vince Jones join with students from the Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music to record Vince Jones: the Monash Sessions. It is the fourth in the Monash Sessions series.

Head of the Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music, Associate Professor Rob Burke said the release of the latest Monash Sessions album continued the performance opportunities the School provides its students.

“The Monash Sessions gives our students exposure to a diverse and challenging range of learning experiences,” Associate Professor Burke said.

“Vince, is an Australian musical icon, and joins the esteemed list of artists who have recorded with the students of the Sir Zelman Cowan School of Music.”

The album, recorded while Vince was the Artist-in-Residence at the Sir Zelman Cowan School of Music in 2013, features compositions written by Vince with two tunes from The Great American Songbook.It also features guest performances from Australian pianist Sam Keevers and Associate Professor Burke.

As part of the Stonnington Jazz Festival, Vince (vocals, flugelhorn) along with students and faculty members from the jazz course at the University, including Associate Professor Burke (saxophone) and Professor Paul Grabowsky (piano), will perform a selection of numbers from the album.

Further recordings, including a session with Italian jazz musician Enrico Rava are scheduled for 2014.

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Review – The Australian 26th July 2014

Vince Jones


4 stars

A JAZZ singer’s longevity can be like a bottle of fine wine, improving with age. For more than 30 years Vince Jones has toured Australia, issued a string of recordings and watched a parade of the nation’s best musicians pass through his band as a staging post for their brilliant careers. His voice may be a little raspy thanks to years of nightclub singing, but Jones has still got his zing.

His latest release, the fourth in the Monash Sessions series, is Jones at his best. Recorded at Bennetts Lane Jazz Club in Melbourne last October while he was artist-in-residence at the Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music, this Jones performance is enhanced by the fine line-up, including the sensational Sam Keevers on piano. Keevers and Rob Burke co-produced the recording, and the Monash University Vocal Ensemble adds to the lush sound. Pianists Matt McMahon and Paul Grabowsky score thankyou credits, chiefly because of their co-writing, with Jones, of some of his signature tunes that he delivers with that catchy, high minor-note hook capable of making listeners swoon.

Three of his best on this recording — JettisonBudgie and Rainbow Cake — come from his 1987 album It All Ends Up in Tears, when Jones was probably at his peak, and playing with such jazz luminaries-to-be as Grabowsky, Barney McAll, Doug de Vries and Tony Floyd. Jones lets rip on Wonderworld, adding a Gina Rinehart lyric to give his social commentary extra bite — and to draw a laugh from his audience.

Brad Norington