Dr Paul Williamson

Current Supervisions

Timothy Willis (PhD): The Development of Manipulative Aural Skills in Improvising Musicians via Mental Practice During Performance Preparation

Charles McInnes (PhD): Improvised Authorship: a compositional framework for improvisation in the contemporary art music ensemble (supervision in association with Assoc. Prof Thomas Reiner)

Stephen Morley (PhD): The Space Between and Around Notes (supervision in association with Dr Adrian McNeil)

Ralph Whiteoak (PhD): An Investigation into the Application of the Hindemith Method to Jazz Based Composition and Improvisation. (supervision in association with Assoc. Prof Thomas Reiner)

Daniel Sheehan (MA): Reinterpreting the Classical Piano Etude as a Model for Creative Practice in Improvisation

Samuel McAuliffe (MA): Responding to Sounds of the Environment: Developing Strategies for Improvised Musical Performance (supervision in association with Assoc. Prof Thomas Reiner)

Past Supervisions

James Carter (MA): Importing and Exploring the Kramerian Theory of Musical Postmodernism Within Contemporary Jazz Performance (supervision in association with Dr Joel Crotty)

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