Dr Paul Watt

I am an experienced supervisor with expertise in:

  • Nineteenth-century music, especially popular music
  • Music of the First World War, especially Australian music
  • Music criticism
  • Biography and life-writing
  • Street music and busking

Topics on which I have supervised, or are currently supervising, include:

  • Australian music and the First World War
  • Eighteenth-century performance practice
  • History of the concert mass
  • Nineteenth-century French trumpet repertory and performance traditions
  • Pastoralism and ecomusicology
  • Postcolonialism and Australian music
  • Status and success of nineteenth-century French opera singers

I am also an experienced examiner of PhDs undertaken at other universities. In the last two years I have examined PhDs at the universities of Adelaide, Durham (UK) and Queensland. I have examined work in progress for practice-led research at the University of Tasmania.

Current PhD students

(names of co-supervisors are given in brackets)

  • Megan Burslem, Learning and experience in undergraduate musicology (Dr Jonathan McIntosh)
  • Georg Corall, From score to performance: When does an eighteenth-century copyist become an arranger? (Dr Jonathan McIntosh)
  • Janet Deshon Healy, Fame, fortune or failure: Musicians surviving political and social turmoil in revolutionary France (1789–1870) (Dr Jonathan McIntosh)
  • David Haberfed, Composing real-time machine music (Assoc. Prof. Thomas Reiner)
  • Ian Parsons, A new interpretation of Stockhausen’s opera cycle LICHT through semiotic analysis and through reference to Lacanian psychoanalysis (Assoc. Prof. Thomas Reiner)

Recently completed PhD students

  • Dr Jane Hammond, Dancing with ghosts: the topic of the pastoral explored in a folio of music compositions (Assoc. Prof. Thomas Reiner)
  • Dr Sean Priest, The French orchestral trumpet tradition in nineteenth-century Paris: Competing claims of François Auguste Dauverne and Jean-Baptiste Arban, 1820–1880 (Dr Jonathan McIntosh)
  • Dr Stephanie Rocke, From mass to politicised concert mass: A study of the transition of the mass from music for the Eucharist to ideological concert music (Prof. David Garrioch and Assoc. Prof. Peter Howard)
  • Dr Michael Spicer, A portfolio of compositions based on trajectories through musical state spaces (Assoc. Prof. Thomas Reiner).

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