Professor John Griffiths

John Griffiths’ research interests revolve principally around Renaissance instrumental music, music of Spain, urban music history and digital humanities. He is a world authority on vihuela and lute music from Spain and Italy, maintaining also a strong connection between research and practice. His publications demonstrate diversity and cutting-edge approaches to research and musical scholarship. Together with broad-based research on Spanish and Italian instrumental music, they include incisive studies in music style and analysis, notation and editing, early music pedagogy, organology, music printing, music in urban society, connections between written and oral traditions, music in Spanish Naples, historiography and digital humanities. Current projects include an encyclopaedia of tablature notation, a book on music in the city of Valladolid during the sixteenth century, and a monograph on the vihuela de mano that will be complemented by a global online database of the instrument and its music.

Recent HDR completions include:

  • Gracia María Gil Martín (PhD, Universidad de Valladolid, 2017)
  • Fernando Marín Corbí (PhD, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, 2016).
  • Richard Divall (PhD, MCD University of Divinity, Melbourne, 2014). 

Earlier supervised students include prominent local academics:

  • Associate Professor Michael Christoforidis (PhD, University of Melbourne, 1997.)
  • Associate Professor Melanie Plesch (PhD, University of Melbourne, 1998)
  • Associate Professor Thomas Reiner (PhD, University of Melbourne, 1996)
  • Associate Professor Janice Stockigt (PhD, University of Melbourne, 1995)

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