Dr Elizabeth Sellars

Elizabeth is fascinated by all leading performance practice for violin including historically informed performance of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and the interpretation of Australian, English, Italian, Romanian and French violin music.

As an active performer and interpreter, she has also given a plethora of world premiere performances and recordings. Elizabeth’s PhD dissertation focused on the performance of violin works by English prodigy George Frederick Pinto including the creation of a new edition of his Duet in G major and a world premiere recording of his piano and violin sonatas. Her honours thesis investigated recordings of George Enescu’s third violin sonata by Enescu himself as well as his student Yehudi Menuhin, and explored themes of fashion in performance and the limitations of notation.

Elizabeth delights in deciphering a composer’s score, finding a new colour or articulation, developing a new interpretation, listening to recordings, reading historical treatises, comparing old editions and scouring old newspapers, reviews and books. She is excited by any research which leads to the discovery of new musical perspectives and interpretations.

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