Dr Adrian McNeil

My interest in music research is centred on an interdisciplinary approach to ethnomusicology. I work equally in both traditional text-based and practice based domains. My decades long specialisation in Hindustani music as a scholar and performer informs a wide ranging interest in improvisatory practices, aesthetics and performance studies. My extensive research background in the social sciences has provided the tools to explore my other passions of music and political economy, modernity and cultural nationalism.  

Most recent 5 HDR PhD completions: 

  • Indika Ferdinando (performance studies in ritual and theatre in Sri Lanka)
  • Sandy Evans (practice based intercultural research) 
  • Guy Strazzullo (practice based intercultural research)
  • Pravina Manoharan (ethnomusicology, popular music in Malaysia)
  • James Mitchell (contemporary music and politics in Thailand)

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