Research Seminars

Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music Research Seminars
Semester 1, 2018

Venue: E561, Menzies, 11-12 on Thursdays during semester.
Inquiries: Dr Paul Watt: 9905 3634 or

Thursday 8 March: Mr Jonathan Zion presents Organic Interplay in a Jazz Trio Context: Identifying Interactive, communicative language. 

Thursday 22 March: Professor John Griffiths presents Music in Renaissance Valladolid: History Without Narrative. 

Thursday 29 March: Associate Professor Rob Burke presents Mapping the Sonic Ecology in an Improvisational Setting. 

Thursday 12 April: Mr Rob Stove presents Messiaen before Messiaen?: Tradition and Radicalism in Dupré‘s ‘Le Chemin de la Croix’. 

Thursday 19 April: Dr John Garzoli presents The King, the Military and the Radio. 

Thursday 3 May: Ms Brigitta Scarfe presents Affording Musical Communities at 6DBY Larrkardi Radio, Derby, Western Australia. 

Thursday 17 May: Channery presents The reconstruction of tradition: Research on Da Ti dance musical culture of Yi minority in Liang Shan, China. 

Thursday 24 May: Louise Devenish presents Implements as instruments: Using cutlery and crockery and percussion instruments in Never Tilt Your Chair Back