Research Seminars

2015 Research Seminars

Elizabeth Burchill Room, Menzies, E561
Semester 2, 2015

6 August, 10-11am: Dr Sam Curkpatrick presents: What are songlines? Exploring lines of connection in Aboriginal song. 

13 August, 10-11am: Dr Joel Crotty presents: Moderated modernism as filtered through Stefan Niculescu’s Requiem (2003). 

           11-12pm:  Dr Andrea Baker presents: Bowie and the Imagined City of Berlin.

20 August, 10-11am: Alastair Kerr presents: Transcultural and Cannibalistic: Tradition and the Improviser.

27 August, 10-11am: Jennifer Game-Lopata presents: Sounding the tarhu: How ideals of acoustic sound and globalisation guided the creation of the tarhu; and continue to shape contemporary approaches to improvisation practices.

3 September, 10-11am: Dr Daniela Kaleva presents: The Australian Premiere of Gustav Holst’s Opera ‘Savitri’.

10 September, 10-11am: Jeremy Dibble presents: Delius’s opera ‘A Village Romeo and Juliet’: A problem of genre. 

17 September, 10-11am: Jane Hardie presents: Sydney, Spain and Serendipity: Spanish Liturgical Music Manuscripts at the University of Sydney.

            11-12pm: David Andrés-Fernández presents: Research on liturgical books of music: the case of Chile

24 September, 10-12pm: Honours presentations.

8 October, 10-11am: Ros Bandt presents: Composing the mixed media: Five Faces of Medea

15 October, 10-11am: Rob Stove presents: ‘If there was an organ here, I could thank you’: Bruckner, organ-playing, and the sacred.

             11-12pm: Dan Sheehan presents: ‘How can I practice that?’ The improvisational etude as a reflective model for building language and technique.

22 October, 10-11am: Professor John Griffiths presents: Alternative notations & unwritten practices, 1450-1750: backwaters of history, frontiers of research.
This event has been cancelled and will be re-scheduled for week 1, semester 1, 2016.