Research Seminars

Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music Research Seminars 2018

Venue: seminar room, ground floor, Campbell Hall, 21 Sports Walk, Clayton Campus
4:30-6:30 every Thursday during semester.

Inquiries: Dr Paul Watt: 9905 3634 or

26 July: >Paul Watt, Music criticism in nineteenth-century England: How did it become a profession?’

2 August: Margaret Kartomi, Icons of Malay Identity in the Musical Arts of Indonesia’s Riau Islands: Concepts of Space, Place and Generative Memory Codes

9 August: Inja Stanovic, (Re)constructing Early Recordings: A guide for historically informed performance

16 August: Rayhan Sudrajat, The Messages in Karungut

23 August: Cat Hope, The Future is Graphic notation for globally collaborative music

30 August: Graeme Smith, Country music from beyond the USA: Global, International or Local?

6 September: Nick Freer, Seirating The Hyper Nonatonic Superset Complex of Allan Holdsworth’s The Sixteen Men of Tain (2000)

13 September: Andrej Pikul

20 September: Stephen Morley, Intonation on horn: sculpting sonic space

27 September: Semester Break

4 October: Mitch Mollison, Histories, meanings and representations of Tari Melinting and its talo accompaniment in Lampung, Indonesia

18 October: Gay Breyley, ‘I hung around in your soundtrack’: Affinities with Joy Division among contemporary Iranian musicians.