Research Seminars

Music, Theatre and Performance Research Seminars Semester 1, 2016

Elizabeth Burchill Room, Menzies, E561
11am – 12:30pm.

Thursday, March 10: Responding to Sounds of the Environment: Developing Strategies for Improvised Musical Performance, presented by Sam McAuliffe. 

Thursday, March 17: Theorising ‘Artistic Research’: What Sort of Musicology is it?presented by Dr John Garzoli.

Thursday, March 24: Aron Gurwitsch and Marginal Consciousness: Understanding Performance, presented by Jim Daly.

Thursday, April 7: Organic Interplay in a Jazz Trio Context: Identifying Interactive, Communicative Processes, presented by Jonathan Zion.

Thursday, April 14: Aristotelian Phronesis as a model for Practice Researchpresented by Dr Stuart Grant.

Thursday, April 21: Presented by Prof Stacy Holman Jones.

Thursday, April 28: An Enticing Sample of the Music of Sumba, presented by David Mitchell and Istutiah Gunawan.

Thursday, May 5: Exceeding My Reach: ‘Inside’ the Unfamiliar, presented by Assoc Prof Rob Burke.

Thursday, May 12: Music Archive of Monash University: Past, Present, Future, presented by Prof Margaret Kartomi and Bronia Kornhauser.

Thursday, May 19: Presented by Justin O’Connor, Xin Gu and Dr Stuart Grant.

Thursday, May 26: Alternative notations & unwritten practices, 1450-1750: backwaters of history, frontiers of research, presented by Prof John Griffiths.