2014 Seminars

During semester, seminars are given by staff, postgraduate students and visiting scholars. All seminars are held in the Elizabeth Burchill Room, E561, Menzies Building.

In second semester 2014, Research Training Workshops for postgraduates and early career researchers are scheduled for  7, 14 and 21 August and 9 October (see below).

31 July, 11–12. Anthea Skinner, Playing in the line of fire: Changes in Australian military bands between peace and wartime, comparing the pre-war period (1930–1938) with World War II (1939–1945) and the post-war period (1945–55)

7 August, 10–11. Workshop 1. Dr Paul Watt, How to write a successful abstract

7 August, 11–1. Ahmad Sarmast, Afghanistan National Institute of Music: A young educational entity with enormous cultural, educational and social impact

­14 August, 10–11. Workshop 2. Dr Paul Watt, How to get a journal article accepted for publication: or ‘What Journal Editors Don’t Usually Tell You!’ 

14 August, 11–12. Alastair McGrath-Kerr, Is there a Brazilian clave, and does it matter?: Two-bar rhythmic structures in samba and bossa nova

21 August, 10–11. Workshop 3. Dr Joel Crotty, How to present a conference presentation that doesn’t send your audience to sleep.  

21 August, 11–12. Ian Parsons, Indeterminate logic: Cornelius Cardew’s Treatise and Ludwig Wittgenstein’s Tractatus

28 August, 11–12. Pravina Manoharan (topic tba)

28 August, 12–1. Kenny Werner, Effortless mastery

11 September, 10–12. Honours students showcase

11 September, 12–1. Robert Stove, Sixty years on: Villa-Lobos, a suicide, and a late harvest

18 September, 10–12. Honours students showcase

25 September, 10–12. Honours students showcase

25 September, 12–1. Associate Professor Thomas Reiner, Lehrstück: Lacan’s Symbolic (and who is the Subject?) – In Cabaret Style

9 October, 10–11. Workshop 4. Dr Paul Watt, How to pitch a successful book proposal and get a contract. 

9 October, 11–12. Dr John Whiteoak, The Tango in Australia as popular entertainment and music and dance of ‘Place’ before 1970s Latin-American immigration

9 October, 12–1. Benjamin Golby, Music about Don Bradman

16 October, 11–12. Samuel Curkpatrick, Crossing Roper Bar: Musical orthodoxy and creativity in Arnhem Land

23 October, 11–12. John Garzoli, Identity and tradition in the Thai fusion music of Bruce Gaston