2015 Seminars

Burchill Room, Menzies, E561

Semester 1

5 March, 10–11
Professor John Griffiths; Dr Adrian McNeil; Dr Paul Watt
Introductory morning tea and launch of Joseph Holbrooke: Composer, Critic, and Musical Patriot edited by Paul Watt and Anne-Marie Forbes

12 March, 10–11
Dr Mary Ingraham, University of Alberta, ‘Performing Cross-Cultural Collaboration in Canadian Opera: The Lake | N-ha-a-itk

2 April, 10–11
Vincent Plush, University of Adelaide, ‘Patrick White: Composer manqué

23 April, 10–11
Stephen R. Millar, Queen’s University Belfast ‘But Do You Really Mean It? Performance, Protest, and the Politics of Rebel Songs in Republican West Belfast’

30 April, 10–12
Adrian McNeil, Monash University, ‘Thinking beyond the Composition and Improvisation Dialectic: The Case of Hindustani music’ (10-11am) 

Clancye Milne, Monash University (Honours), ‘Sarah Vaughan’ Vocal Style: Continuity and Change Over her Career’

Harry Good, Monash Univeristy (Honours), ‘Brad Mehldau’s Polyphonic Devices’ 

7 May, 10–11
Ari Palawi, Monash University, ‘Dendang Sikambang: The Core Musical Arts Tradition of the Malay West Coast Sumatra’

21 May, 10–12

  • Kate Sullivan, Monash University, ‘Language and Music and Song’: Using a linguistics tool to see inside a song’
  • Daniel Russo-Batterham, University of Melbourne, ‘Anonymous Ciphers: the Transcription and Analysis of French Lute Song’

28 May, 10–12

  • Edi Dwi Riyanto, Monash University, ‘Jogja Hip hop Foundation (JHF) Artivism’
  • James Mitchell, Monash University, tbc