Seminars – semester 2 2013

The following seminars were held during Semester 2, 2013

1 August, Georg Corall, University of Western Australia
The eloquent hautboy: Rhetoric and diction for singers and instrumentalists in the 17th and 18th centuries

8 August, Rob Stove, Monash University
Whom the gods love, die young: An introduction to Guillaume Lekeu

15 August, Margaret Kartomi, Monash University
How do the musical arts reflect the fragile relationship between the Malay boat-dwellers and the settled Malay populations of the eight-year old province of the Riau Islands in Indonesia?

22 August, Paul Watt, Monash University
Australian songs of war, 1914–1918: Text, music, meaning

29 August, John Garzoli, Monash University
Thai tuning and the myth of 7 tone equal temperament

5 September, Sarah Collins, Monash University
The beauty of bravery: The artistic self in the autobiographical writings of Percy Grainger

12 September, Fintan Vallely (courtesy Culture Ireland / Cultúr Éireann)
‘Compánach’ – Companion: Interpreting the history and revival of Irish Traditional music in images, text and music

19 September, Mirko Guerrini, Monash University
Sound Portraits

26 September, Nino Tsitsishvili, University of Melbourne
Examining origins of love song as an evolutionary and cultural practice: From a theory of music as sexual selection towards a theory of love song as sexual frustration and idealization

10 October, Paul Williamson, Monash University
Developing physiological control, ensemble interaction, and flow within jazz performance

17 October, Nadia Widyawati Madzhi, Monash University
Changes in the traditional ceremonies, music and dance of the Melanau people of Sarawak, with particular reference to the period 1983–2013

24 October, Mohd Hassan Abdullah, Sultan Idris Education University
Kompang, a Malay frame drum