Vision – Developing the 21st Century Musician

VisionThe vision for the Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music at Monash University is to develop the complete 21st century musician.

The Monash musician is a specialist who strives for excellence but also encompasses the entire musical firmament.

Monash educates its musicians to the highest professional standards, both in western and non-western traditions; from the classical stream through to contemporary, whether composed or improvised music, including jazz, popular and world music, using the latest in immersive technologies. 

The Monash musician is a global citizen, a musician without frontiers, whether it be as a performer, composer or researcher.”

What defines a “complete 21st century” musician at Monash University?

A student who:

  • has competency in the key elements of music education – performance, composition, musicology and ethnomusicology
  • understands the role music plays as a transformative power in our lives
  • understands that we are part of and contribute to a global musical community
  • understands the musician’s relationship to audiences
  • understands the role that technology is playing in creation, performance and dissemination of music
  • understands that music reflects the pluralistic nature of society
  • understands the socio-economic realities of managing a career
  • understands the relationship between composition, performance and research
  • understands the place of music within the University, both as a place of higher learning, and as a community


This will be achieved through:

  • specialisation infused with musical diversity
  • collaborations with national and international leaders across various musical disciplines
  • research: inclusive of performance, new music, musicology, ethnomusicology, performance psychology and the musician as a businessperson
  • interfacing with the community through performance
  • technology: An immersive and interactive experience
  • building leadership
  • industry placement