Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music – Facilities

The Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music has state of the art facilities.

For further enquiries regarding hiring of facilities, please contact 


Seats 230
Stage to cater for a full orchestra
Steinway Grand Piano (Hamburg)
Yamaha CFX concert grand piano
Yamaha (C7)
Hammond B3 organ
Leslie 147 speaker cabinet
Bose PA
Percussion – Full orchestral and Jazz Popoular Music facilities
80 x Orchestral seats and Stands

Recording Studio

5 recording rooms
Neve Genesys Black mixing console
Control Room
Composition Lab
Moog Sub37 synthesiser 
EMS VCS3 synthesiser

Royer SF-2  x 2
Coles 4040   x 2
AKG C414   x 4
Rode NT2A  x 2
NT5 x 2
Rode NTK Valve
Rode NT1000
AKG C451EB Microphones + CK1 Capsule x 2
AKG CK8 Capsule for AKG C451EB Microphones  x2
AKG D112 Microphone w/ SA40 clip
Shure SM58 Microphone + clips & pouches  x 2
Shure SM57 Microphone  x 2
Beyer M88 Microphone  x 2
Beyer Dynamic Microphone  x 2
Audio-Technica AT4033 Microphone
Audio-Technica AT8441 Shock Mount/Cradle for AT4033 Microphone
Audio-Technica ATM29HE Microphone
Audio-Technica Pro25 Microphone  x 2
Neumann KM 100 Cardioid Microphones + extension  x 2
“Neumann KM 100 Hyper Cardioid Microphones
+ extension (boxes only)”
Neumann KM 100 Hyper Cardioid Microphones + extension (boxes only)
Neumann M147 Tube  x 2
Neumann Type U87A Microphones +/ clips  x 2
Neumann Type U87 Microphone (Old 7 Pin Connector)
Popper Stopper
Piezo Crystal Microphone
Zephyr Microphone
Sennheiser MKE 212P Wall Microphone
Beyer Dynamic Drum Kit Microphones
TG D57c  x 2
TG D58c  x 2
TG D70d
TG 153c  x 2

SRH 840 Phones  x 2
Legacy PH540 Headphones
AKG-K44 Headphones x20
Senheiser HD435 Headphones
Senheiser HD433 Headphones
Senheiser HD265 Headphones
Behringer P16 series personal monitoring system x20

512c Pre Amp  x 2
Millenia HV3D8
Neve 1073 LB EQ  x 2
Neve 1073 LB  x 2
Purple Sweet Ten
Cranesong Trakker  x 2
A Designs MP2A (Tube Pre)
Tascam DA-30 MKII
Orban 622B Parametric Equalizer
Expressor Model 651
Ensemble by Apogee  x 2
Aphex 106
Alesis RA-100
Soundcorp PF96 Patchbay
Euphonix MC Control
DBX160X Compressor/Limiter  x 2
DBX586 Dual Vacuum Tube Pre Amp
Sony Pulse Code Modulation PCM501es  x 2
Yamaha Natural Sound Stereo Amp AX-396
Yamaha P1600 Power Amp

Avantone Mixcube  x 2
Dynaudio BM15A  x 2
Dynaudio BM14S
KRK Expose  x 2
Yamaha HS50  x 2
Mackie Big Knob
Tannoy Monitors x3

Arturia V Collection
UAD Quad (Omni Pack)
Cubase 6
Logic Pro X
Ableton Live 9
PT Instrument Expansion Pack
Pro Tools 11
Apple Care Protection Plan
Native Instruments Komplete 9

Protools HD 32 channels
Mac Pro + Mac Monitor
Apple 27″ LED Cinema Display
Vicacoustic Flexi Wall Acoustic Panels x 1
M-Audio Sono 61 keyboard
TEAC TV Monitor
Xpose Colour QUAD System Monitor Channel Select + Remote
Evocept CD Drive/Burner

Computer Laboratory

24″ iMac desktop computers  x 10
Ableton Push Controllers  x 10
Presonus midi controllers  x 10

Arturia V Collection
Logic Pro X
Ableton Live 9
PT Instrument Expansion Pack
Pro Tools 11
Sibelius 7.5
Max 7