20th and 21st century Romanian Musical Culture

Participants: Joel Crotty and Tamara Smolyar

Tamara Smolyar and Livia Teodorescu-Ciocănea
Tamara Smolyar and Livia Teodorescu-Ciocănea

This research cluster has forged a Memorandum of Understanding with the National University of Music, Bucharest and an informal relationship with Spiru Haret University, particularly with colleagues in musicology and composition. Tamara Smolyar has been active in the performance of new music composed for solo piano and for piano with chamber and orchestral forces, with a particular interest in the music of Livia Teodorescu-Ciocǎnea (National University of Music, Bucharest). She has performed nearly all of Teodorescu-Ciocǎnea’s solo piano work and a significant amount of the chamber pieces with piano. To this end a number of commercial recordings have been placed in the catalogue (Bridges 1 MOVE MD 3281 & Bridges 2 MOVE MD3342). This composer-performer collaboration extends to works being especially composed for her including solo piano works, Endeavour Bells (2009) and Calypso (2013), Euceladus (2016) the Piano Concerto nr 1 (2008) along with chamber music with other Music School staffers, Romulus and Remus (2005) (for Smolyar, and Elizabeth Sellars, violin) and Polyspectralia (2008) (for Smolyar and David Griffiths, clarinet). She has also performed written by other composers from the National University of Music, namely, Dan Dediu and Diana Rotaru.

Joel Crotty has worked with Romanian musicologists Ruxandra Arzoiu, Alina Ghiga, and Laura Manolache (National University of Music, Bucharest) to produce a collection of essays in MikroPolyphonie and with Kay Dreyfus they commissioned articles by Valentina Sandu- Dediu (National University Music, Bucharest) and Marin Marian-Bǎlaşa (C. Brăiloiu Institute of Ethnography and Folklore, Bucharest) for the Journal of Musicological Research. He has also collaborated with Teodorescu-Ciocǎnea to produce a chapter in a book devoted to the musical output of Stefan Niculescu. Joel is a member of the Editorial Board of Analele Universitatii Spiru Haret—Seria Muzica.

Tamara Smolyar and Joel Crotty are currently engaged in the solo piano output of Mihail Andricu for a CD recording and journal article under an Arts Faculty “seeding Grant”. This is one of the few times that Andricu’s music will have been record commercially outside of Romania and for musicological work to be undertaken in English.