Recording Project ‘Sublating the Symbol’ Receives Arts Faculty Funding

Zollverein 2014Sublating the Symbol is a collaborative and curated music-recording project, involving a number of Monash University composers (staff and students) brought together by project leader Thomas Reiner. The recording will present new works by Paul Williamson, David Chisholm, David Haberfeld , Ralph Whiteoak, Adrian Tosello, Emma Rogers, Sara Chi Han Fung, Paul Moulatlet, and Kim Lajoie. 

The underlying research question for this project is both broad and challenging: How can music sublate the world of signs and symbols? The idea of sublating the symbol is closely connected to the field of tension between music as presence and music as representation.

The project will lead to an international commercial release with the Italian Ars Publica label in early 2016 and will contribute significantly to the international dissemination of Australian artistic research created by Monash University composers. The release will come under the re-sound brand for which Thomas Reiner has produced several critically acclaimed recordings.