The Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music has an excellent record for the successful completion of degrees by our research students. We have vacancies in our postgraduate program and are actively seeking enthusiastic and capable new students to fill them. We offer a range of degrees in our four research priority areas:

If you have a query about postgraduate study in music, please direct your initial enquiries to Dr Kenji Fujimura

Postgraduate Degrees in Music

For details about specific courses of study, follow the links below to the Monash Postgraduate Handbook:

Audition and/or submission information for Performance and Composition

Performance auditions and composition submissions for entry into the School’s postgraduate courses can occur throughout the year. For further information regarding auditions/submissions, please contact Dr Kenji Fujimura.

Recently Completed Higher Degrees

  • Hsiao-Ni Axtens, MA (Music Performance), ‘Methods of Tone-Cluster Performance as required in Henry Cowell’s ‘The Tides of Manaunaun’ (1912) and Einojuhani Rautavaara’s Piano Sonata No.2 ‘The Fire Sermon’ (1970)’
  • Lionel Bailey, MA (Music Performance), ‘The improvisational styles of Australian saxophonist Jamie Oehlers and Julien Wilson’
  • Marcel Trussell-Cullen, MA in Musicology, ‘A study of acoustical, physical and physiological characteristics of violin bowing to form the basis of developing a technological teaching tool’
  • Julie Waters, PhD in Musicology, ‘Against the stream”: intersections of music and politics in the conception, composition and reception of Alan Bush’s first three symphonies’
  • Glenn Cannon, MA (Music Performance), ‘Functional and Non-Functional Progressions in Improvised Music: A Method of Facilitating Linear and Harmonic Flow’
  • Samuel Evans, MA (Music Performance), ‘Representing Tabla Music: Defining an Effective Notation System for Indian Tabla Repertoire’
  • Runa Fanany, PhD in Musicology, ‘The Devil’s due: the musical representation of the Devil in selected Hollywood film scores’
  • Nicolas Freer, MA (Music Performance), ‘Evening the odds’
  • Karina Window, MA (Music Performance), ‘Margaret Sutherland’s Trio for Oboe and two violins (1955) and results from an informed performance of the work, as inspired by the Czechoslovakian oboist Jiri Tancibudek’

Previous Higher Degree completions (PDF)