Postgraduate Research

The School currently has over 30 HDR candidates at research Masters and PhD levels, covering Performance (Classical & Improvisation), Musicology and Ethnomusicology, and Composition (Classical and Improvisation). Below are some of the School’s candidates who agreed to have published profiles. 

PhD Candidates

Megan Burslem* (Musicology)
Project title: Teaching and Learning in Undergraduate Musicology: An Ethnographic Study of Musicology in Australian Go8 Universities
SupervisorsDr Jonathan McIntosh (main), Dr Paul Watt (associate)
*Australian Postgraduate Award 


Rod Davies (Music Performance) 
Project title: Spontaneous Vocal Phasing in Popular Song Performance
Supervisors:  Associate Professor Robert Burke (main), Professor Stacy Holman Jones (associate)


Sam Evans* (Music Performance)
Project title: Tabla Without Borders: Towards an Innovative Model for Modern Tabla Performance and Composition
Supervisors: Dr Stuart Grant (main) Associate Professor Thomas Reiner, Andy Sugg
*Sir James McNeil Postgraduate Research Scholarship


david_griffiths-profile1David Griffiths  (Music Performance) 
Project title: Ensemble Interaction, Repertoire and Reception in the Development of an Innovative Chamber Music Performance Group in Melbourne
Supervisors: Prof Cat Hope (main), Dr Joel Crotty (associate)


David Haberfeld (Music Composition)
Project title: Composing Real-Time Machine Music: An exploration of electronic dance music real-time composition and how it contributes to a larger musical discourse. 
Supervisors: Associate Professor Thomas Reiner (main), Dr Paul Watt (associate), Philip Brophy (external)

Janet Deshon Healy* (Musicology) 
Project title: Fame, Fortune or Failure: Musicians Surviving Political, Economic and Social Turmoil in Revolutionary France (1789–1875).
Supervisors: Dr Paul Watt (main), Dr Jonathan McIntosh (assoc)
*Australian Postgraduate Award

Charles MacInnes* (Music Composition)
Project title: Improvised Authorship: a compositional framework for improvisation in the contemporary art music ensemble
Supervisors: Associate Professor Thomas Reiner (main), Dr Paul Williamson (assoc)
 * Australian Postgraduate Award

Jordan Murray (Music Performance)
Project title: Research Strategies for Free Improvisation
Supervisor: Associate Professor Thomas Reiner 


Stockhausen and Ian
Ian Parsons 
Project title: Stockhausen’s LICHT Operas: what their symbolism tells us about ourselves
Supervisors: Associate Professor Thomas Reiner (main), Dr Paul Watt (associate)

Estelita Rae (Music Performance)
Project title: Reforming Italian Musical Tradition via stylistic diversity: The Generation of the 1880s, their Violin Sonatas from 1906-1919 and the performance decisions to articulate stylistic heterogeneity. 
Supervisors: Dr Joel Crotty (main), Prof Margaret Kartomi (associate)


photo tamara with pianoTamara Smolyar (Music Performance) 
Project title: Timbre and structure expressed through the performance of Livia Teodorescu-Ciocănea’s piano works
Supervisors: Dr Joel Crotty (main), Prof Margaret Kartomi (associate)

Master of Arts Candidates 

Nicholas Hender  (Music Composition)
Project title: Active Tuning for Variable Timbre
Supervisors: Assoc Prof Thomas Reiner (main),  Dr Paul Watt (associate) 


Dan Sheehan* (Music Performance)
Project titleReinterpreting the Classical Piano Etude as a Model for Creative Practice in Improvisation.
Supervisors: Dr Paul Williamson (main), Associate Professor Robert Burke (associate)

*Australian Postgraduate Award