PhD Student – Jane Hammond wins research award

HammondJane Hammond has recently been awarded a Monash Postgraduate Publications Award (PPA). With these awards the Monash Institute of Graduate Research “provides support for high-achieving students who, having submitted their thesis, wish to write up some of their research for publication while they await the result of their examination. Stipend support, equivalent to the Australian Postgraduate Award rate, is available for a period of up to three months.”

Jane’s research is informed by semiotics and the theory of musical topics. In her recently submitted PhD composition folio, and accompanying critical commentary, she has explored notions of musical meaning in a contemporary context through an engagement with the topic of the pastoral. Recurring themes of the pastoral such as nostalgia, lyricism and the human relationship to place and the natural world are central to her research. The award is a confirmation of the quality of her work and it marks the first time a practice-based music composition research student has been awarded a PPA. Jane’s proposal was to prepare her scores for publication with the Australian Music Centre, which has accepted her as a Represented Artist, and to other music publishers. She will also develop one of her conference papers into a journal article.


It was a competitive application process. Jane’s application firstly had to have approval from her PhD supervisors and the Head of the School of Music before being sent to the Arts Faculty. Each Faculty in the University rank their applicants and submit their top six to the Monash University Institute of Graduate Research. From the 45–55 applications that MIGR receives 10–12 are selected to receive the Award.