Peter Micic, China scholar

In 1992, Peter Micic completed an MA in Music at Monash under the supervision of Reis Flora, Margaret Kartomi, Carol Williams, among others. Peter went on to complete a PhD (2000) at Monash in the Department of Asian Languages and Studies in modern Chinese music history.

His work is known internationally among scholars of Chinese culture and music and he has published articles and book reviews in a number of prestigious refereed journals in the China field, including Chime (European Foundation for Chinese Music Research), ACMR Journal and The China Journal. He has a full-length chapter in a recently published book titled Lives in Chinese Music (2009) edited by Helen Rees, University of Illinois Press, and is currently writing a book on the imperial women in the Forbidden City tentatively titled Sex in the City: The Qing Harem

Peter writes:

‘At certain points in our lives we are granted an experience that anchors itself so deeply in our consciousness it becomes a touchstone, an anchor point from which we can draw on again and again throughout our lives.

Studing for an MA in Music almost twenty years ago was such an anchor point for me. It was a time of personal growth and the building of relationships. The relationship between student and teacher was not always pleasant.

The experience was very often a feeling of resistance and delight, and at times I thought of a vulture picking meat from the bones. While this ‘vulturing’ was sometimes painful, it was intended to chisel me, throw away the useless parts, and nudge me to achieve my fullest potential. In the process, I raised my own bar of excellence.

The MA at Monash was one of the best things I ever did.’