Performance Studies

Performance students have many wonderful opportunities to engage in a wide cross-section of musical activities, both within and outside formal study programs. Solo and ensemble performance and practice-based research are fundamental to the learning experience in the School and as an excellent preparation for post University life.

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The school offers two main areas of study in performance at undergraduate, honours, masters and PhD levels:

Classical Performance

Jazz and Popular Studies

Monash is Australia’s foremost international university and every year students travel to the Prato centre near Florence to work with visiting artists in courses of chamber music, language classes for singers and solo performance.

Founded in 1965, the School has over 350 students from undergraduate to PhD level. Students are encouraged to integrate their learning in composition, ethnomusicology and musicology, performance, including professional practice/pedagogy. Students can specialise in one or more of these areas.

Description of Course

The Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music offers performance units for students across the University. Music degree students in both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels have access to Chief Practical Study Units, which make up a Major stream.

Students will undertake weekly individual tuition on their principal instrument, weekly workshops and concert practice classes. Ensemble Studies units are offered as a minor stream and are available by audition to undergraduate music students and to students from other University disciplines. Further performance units offer specialised study in Indonesian Gamelan.

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PhD in Music Performance

This doctoral programme is designed for performers who wish to expand their expertise into performance-based research. The degree is offered on the Clayton Campus and Examination is by performance (up to 120 minutes) and exegesis (25,000 to 30,000 words). Further information about Postgraduate Degrees available here.