New Musicology Publication takes Music to the Streets

picThe latest edition of the Journal of Musicological Research is a special issue on street music edited by Monash musicologist, Dr Paul Watt.

The special-issue is a cross-disciplinary collaboration on street music in various forms and genres. It includes articles on street music and musicians in Iran, Japan, Hong Kong and Australia.

Articles offer a variety of methodological, ethnographic and theoretical approaches to the subject including historical, legal and literary perspectives.

Articles in the special issue arose from a conference on Street Music held at Monash University in December 2014. The conference was funded by the Monash Research Accelerator Program.


  1. Paul Watt, ‘Street Music: Ethnography, Performance, Theory’
  2. Gay Breyley, ‘Between the Cracks: Street Music in Iran’
  3. Carolyn S. Stevens, ‘Irassai! Sonic Practice as Commercial Enterprise in Urban Japan‘
  4. Katherine Ki Tak Wong, ‘An Ethnomusicological Understanding of the Street Performance of Cantonese Opera街檔 (Jie Dang) in Hong Kong’
  5. Luke McNamara and Julia Quilter, ‘Street Music and the Law in Australia: Busker Perspectives on the Impact of Local Council Rules and Regulations’
  6. Susan Bird, ‘Dancing in the Streets: Political Action and Resistance in Melbourne’
  7. Joseph Williams, ‘Busking in Musical Thought: Value, Affect, and Becoming’

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