New ensemble debuts thanks to philanthropy – Monash Art Ensemble

Monash Art Ensemble, a new Monash ensemble made possible by the philanthropy of the Vizard Foundation, will make its debut performance at Clayton campus on Tuesday, 16 October at 8pm. 

The Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music and the Australian Art Orchestra (AAO) will present the performance. 

The ensemble has been created in collaboration with the AAO, with the aim of showcasing talented undergraduate students.

Professor Paul Grabowsky, founder of the AAO and Executive Director of the Monash Academy of Performing Arts (MAPA), said this collaboration would mean professional musicians mentoring and working alongside students.

“The ensemble will place various AAO players, each an acknowledged leader in their field, with students, chosen each year by audition, working together in the group, and working with visiting artists and musical directors to create performances that explore the notion of what a 21st-century musician could be – a true global citizen in sound,” Professor Grabowsky said. 

“Monash Art Ensemble will become a reason for talented young musicians to choose to continue their education at Monash. 

“Our sincere thanks go to the Vizard Foundation for their inspirational gift.  The Vizard Foundation’s philanthropy has funded the participation of the AAO, an integral part of the Monash Art Ensemble project.”

At the upcoming event, Monash Art Ensemble will perform three compositions by Paul Grabowsky: ‘Variations’ (2001), ‘Tall tales’ (2010) and ‘Tailfin’ (1992 arr. 2011).

Monash Art Ensemble debuts on Tuesday 16 October at 8pm in Building 68, Monash University Clayton campus.  Bookings can be made on 9905 1111 or the MAPA website. 

Monash Art Ensemble also performs on Wednesday 24 October at Bennetts Lane, Melbourne.  Bookings can be made on +61 3 9663 2856 or the Bennetts Lane website