Musicology conference to explore links between Words and Music



On Saturday 12 April twenty scholars from Monash and around the world will meet for a 1-day conference entitled ‘Words about Music’. At the Monash Law Chambers in the Melbourne CBD.

 Convened by Dr Paul Watt with funding from the Monash Researcher Accelerator Program, the conference will feature papers that explore such questions as:

  1. What are the reasons writers put pen to paper to write about music?
  2. What are the politics at play behind specific musical points of view?
  3. To what extent does aesthetic appreciation play in these writings, and what are the economic, social or literary agendas at play in addition to musical ones?
  4. How have these non-musical agendas affected the reception and composition of the music described?

 The keynote speaker is Dr Michael Allis from the University of Leeds whose paper is entitled ‘The Diva and the Beast:  Susan Strong and the Wagnerism of Aleister Crowley’.