Enhance your event with live music!

BookingAgencyHave you thought about enhancing your next event with live music?

The Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music offer a wide range of ensembles; from jazz ensembles to string quartets, vocalists, soloists and more. Our artists are extremely accommodating and can cater for your every need. Be it Mozart in the morning, or Ellington after dark, we have the music for you.

Our students are passionate, enthusiastic and present themselves immaculately in black performance attire. As we provide our own equipment, we are hassle-free entertainment. If you are undecided, come along to a rehearsal! The rest will be done for you.

NYU Summer Jazz 14, 6Artists and ensembles available from the School of Music include:

Large, medium or small jazz ensembles
String quartets, trios or duos
Classical  or contemporary vocalists
Wind and brass musicians

… and more!

For more information, or to book one of our fantastic ensembles email: