Monash University Flute Ensemble’s latest album ‘Fantasie Australis’

Monash University Flute EnsembleThe Monash University Flute Ensemble’s latest Album ‘Fantasie Australis’ has received glowing reviews. Directed by Peter Sheridan this album displays a variety of musical styles from driving rhythmic pieces to works based around pure lyricism and improvisation.

“Rarely does a recording come close to this level of eclecticism. And yet, with the eight rich octaves provided by the sub contrabass to piccolo … this compilation of Australian works explores its own innate eclecticism with such musicality that it is impossible not to be wooed by it.” ★★★★½

— Joshua McNulty, fine MUSIC 102.5 (Sydney)

Track listing:

Fantasie Australis Vincent Giles 4:13
Fanfare for Uncommon Flutes
Houston Dunleavy 2:53
Chaconne for double flute choir
Vaughan McAlley 5:54
Thomas Reiner 4:32
Milford Fall
 Houston Dunleavy 5:10
Blow Pipes Russell Gilmour 3:45
Roses: Popourri of Pain and Peace (2011) Emma Rogers
I. Elegant Utterances 3:15
II. Breath 2:25
III. Crimson 4:02
IV. Fragments of Dance 2:20
Fragments Vincent Giles 6:20
Angry Tunes Michal Rosiak 3:30
Improvised Fragments (take two) Vincent Giles 1:50

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