Monash Musicologist, Dr Sarah Collins, wins European Union Centre Grant—And other news

Dr Sarah Collins, a musicologist at the Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music, has been awarded a Postdoctoral Publication Grant by the Monash University European and EU Centre for her project titled Historiographical Dispositions: internationalism and music historiography in Britain 1900-1940

The project will contribute to our understanding of European cultural history before and after WWI by extrapolating how the practice of history-writing among selected British composers at the time became a vehicle for a variety of political, aesthetic and moral agendas that flowed specifically from the local reception of Continental musical modernism and its attendant ethos.


Robert Burke, head of the Sir Zelman Cowan School of Music, said that the grant was a reflection of the quality of Dr Collins’ research and will add significantly to the School of Music’s intellectual reach across the university.


Musicological Society of Australia – Winner

Lisa Young, a PhD (Music Performance) candidate, was announced as a co-winner of this year’s Student Prize at the conclusion of the annual conference of the Musicological Society of Australia (Victorian Chapter). Her award-winning paper entitled “The Eternal Pulse:  the evolving nature of Konnakol in contemporary performance, linking to its expression in the author’s work“, was in the words of one of the adjudicators, “an excellent example of a performance study that rests upon a substantive base of conceptual research.” The Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music was represented by seven student papers with topics ranging from Verdi, Falla, 19th-century French trumpet playing, Amercian literature and popular music to contemporary Indonesian compositon, and music within the disabled community. This demonstrates admirably the diversity of student-based research that is currently being undertaken within the School.