Monash Grand Prize Awarded

24 July 2013

Professor Ed Byrne with the Amber Quartet on stage at the Melbourne Recital Centre.

Professor Ed Byrne with the Amber Quartet on stage at the Melbourne Recital Centre.

The grand prize of one of the world’s premier chamber music competitions has been awarded to a string quartet from China.

Hosted by Chamber Music Australia, of which Monash University is Principal Partner, the winner of the 2013 Asia-Pacific Chamber Music Competition, the Amber Quartet, were awarded the Monash University Grand Prize.

As part of this prize, the quartet performed a concert in the presence of the Governor of Victoria at Government House, as part of his Recital Series on Wednesday, 17 July 2013.

Formed in 2007 at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing, the Amber Quartet won first prize in the Chamber Music Competition at the Beijing Central Conservatory of Music and second prize in the Golden Bell String Quartet Competition in China.

Presenting the prize, Monash University Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Ed Bryne said the Asia-Pacific Chamber Music Competition brings together so many important things, both for Monash and for the promotion of chamber music in the region.

“It is our belief that the 21st Century musician has a curiosity about music, an attention to its details and subtleties, allowing it to speak directly to the listener,” Professor Bryne said.

“This intimacy is at the heart of chamber music, which allows us to go inside the mind of the great composers and experience in a direct way their extraordinary visions and the thrilling responses of players to the musical text.”

The competition featured four piano trios and four string quartets from Australia, Japan, China and Singapore, impressing audiences with performances ranging from Haydn, Brahms and Ravel, to Britten, Shostakovich and Westlake.

The Asia-Pacific Chamber Music Competition is internationally regarded as a launching pad to a performing career on the world stage. String quartets and piano trios from the four countries competed in public recitals at the ABC’s Iwaki Auditorium, with the finals held at Elisabeth Murdoch Hall Melbourne Recital Centre.

For more information on the Asia-Pacific Chamber Music Competition, visit their website.