Machine Music – George Lewis – Paul Grabowsky – Monash and New York

Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music presents


Friday 14 February 2014


Music Auditorium

Professor Paul Grabowsky Yamaha Disklavier piano (Melbourne)
Yamaha Disklavier (Melbourne – running Voyager software on Mac)

Courtney Bryan Yamaha Disklavier (New York)
Yamaha Disklavier (New York – running Voyager software on Mac)

Machine Music is a daring project, showcasing the fusion of different musical dimensions, such as cutting-edge computer technologies, improvisatory instrumental practice and experimental sound installations. Several years in the making, the project includes world premieres from nine artists over five days, concluding with a real-time interactive concert between the Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music at Monash University in Melbourne,  and Qubit, a new contemporary music and performance art initiative founded in New York City founded by Alec Hall and Bryan Jacobs.

The composition, Spooky Interaction, by Professor George Lewis (New York), is a telematic performance by four pianists, all using Yamaha Disklaviers.  Two of the pianists are human and two are computer programs. The human pianists are basically engaged in live, completely improvised dialogue with two computer-driven, interactive “virtual improvisor” programs created by George Lewis and implemented in Max/MSP by Damon Holzborn. These programs will be performed on Yamaha Disklaviers in New York and Melbourne using the latest technology in music teleconferencing (Polycom). 

The goals of this project include allowing the computers to receive data from each other and from the human pianists, while allowing the human pianists to see and hear each other. 

Tickets – FREE

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