International Study Opportunities

NewYorkbyHarisAt Monash we are committed to ensuring our music students are exposed to a diverse and challenging range of learning experiences. Although a fairly new initiative our international study programs to Prato and New York have proved a resounding success and a very rewarding experience for students and staff alike.

Carefully designed, the programs draw on the expertise of Monash staff and their extensive international networks. They fully embrace the cultural experience and include a wide variety of activities from master classes with world-renowned musicians to performances at local jazz clubs.

What programs are on offer?

  1. Jazz and Classical music in Prato – runs alternate years
  2. Jazz and Classical music in New York – runs every year

Who can go?

Students should have completed atleast one year of their music degree and maintain at least a credit (60%) average. There are limited places so students may be required to audition and interview for a place.

Where do students stay

  • Prato: Prato is 20 km outside of Florence in Italy
  • New York: At New York University on the East Coast of the USA

Why go?

  • Broaden your experience, deepen your knowledge and understanding.
  • Immerse yourself in a different culture, develop your intercultural appreciation and understanding.
  • Intensive courses are challenging but very rewarding. They are a unique opportunity to commit yourself fully to music for three weeks with like-minded people.
  • It’s fun!